Veggies that grows insanely fast!

Certain type of vegetables actually grow really fast. Read on to find out the type of vegetables that you can grow and harvest in no time!

  1. Snap Peas

This veggie only needs around 55 days to be fully grown. This age offers mature and crunchy taste for the peas. Bright, crisp and naturally sweet, sugar snap peas are a healthy treat. Like most veggies, sugar snap peas are low in calories. At just 41 calories per cup, they'll fit into virtually any diet, including low-carb diets or low-calorie diets for weight loss. Sugar snap peas also offer lots of nutritional value

2. Turnips

You can use the greens and the roots of the veggie. If you plant in winter, it tastes even sweeter.

3. Spinach

It is ready to harvest after 30 to 45 days. It is filled with vitamin and it aggress with almost all climates.

4. Green Onions / Spring Onion

This veggie is ready to be harvested as soon as it six inches tall or after it fits pencil size. It is perfect for all cooked dishes and recipes. Cut the top and it is ready to be planted again!

5. Lettuce

Almost all varieties of lettuce grow very quickly. Commonly, it takes 30 days for them to be ready for harvest.

6. Kale

It is ready to harvest within 30 to 60 days. Early harvest will get smaller leaves but it tastes as great.

7. Baby Carrots

Several varieties actually grow even faster than normal. Harvest them within 60 days of planting.

8. Radishes

They are ready to harvest when they are about an inch in diameter or within a month. It fits to all salad and soups recipe.

9. Bok Choy

The baby stage already offers very delicious taste for salad, soups, and stir-fries. Harvest them within 30 days.